Images & Video Size/Resolution

  Content Providers

For your main profile banner, try to choose an image with 16:9 (1366×768) or above.
Image sizes of up to 10MB are allowed (currently and likely increased in the future).

Avatar Images should ideally be square, they will be rescaled to suit, image sizes up to 10MB are allowed.

All images will be rescaled/optimised shortly after being uploaded, depending on how many jobs there are in the queue, this is likely to be a few seconds, but up to a minute or so.
Whilst your images are processing, the original will be served as to be instantly available, this avoids any blank images/placeholders whilst the queue job is completed.

Image Posts are different, a Public Post image will be as above, if it is restricted to Tiered Members only, the Post will only be visible once the image has been processed, and a blurred copy generated for unregistered/non subscribing members to see.

Video Uploads are currently 250MB, you may upload 360p/480p/720p/1080p, soon we will look at allowing 4k along with larger uploads.

Once your video content has been uploaded, it will be added to the queue as per images, we will initially transcode this in to a lower resolution first for speed, and set the post as published, we will then process the other resolutions in the background, this allows us to keep the service fast and convenient, also keep operating costs low which are then reflected by our low site fees.
You will notice a clock icon next to your video post whilst it is processing along with the current resolution we have processed up to.

We have added another couple of weeks till we open our doors to the general public, this is because we have custom built our own CDN/Video Hosting Platform, we don’t have to rely on other providers & costs, you get to keep more of your earnings as a result!