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A Great Patreon Alternative

If you’re looking for a Patreon alternative, we could be exactly what you need.

There are various reasons why you might want to switch from Patreon and find an alternative service. One of the biggest reasons we suggest is our competitive pricing. Unlike Patreon, we run a much smaller team and don’t have the overheads or investors to contend with, allowing us to offer significantly lower fees and subscription costs.

Because we are lean and intend to stay that way, decisions can be made quickly, and the site adapted to suit our users’ needs. Our motto is “we are only as successful as our users,” which is a great motivator and the absolute foundation of our site.

As an alternative to Patreon, we take note of suggestions from users and implement them without having to consult a board. This means you get a service that evolves with your needs.

Behind the scenes, we provide various media delivery services and have been involved in this field for a considerable time. This experience means we don’t need to outsource tech or server management, allowing us to quickly adapt while keeping our expenses—and therefore, your site fees—to an absolute minimum.

From the get-go, our file upload size is also larger, starting at 250MB, making us a robust Patreon replacement for content creators looking for better options.

Our fees are much lower than Patreon, this is a great reason to consider us as an alternative.

So to answer your question, Is there a better Patreon alternative?
Based on fees alone, plus the trust level provided by Stripe handling Payments & Payout Accounts, this would make for a very worth alternative platform.