Supported List of Countries

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Countries Supported by for Content Monetization, a cutting-edge platform for content creators, is now open for users from 42 different countries to register and monetize their content. By partnering with Stripe for payment processing, ensures seamless and secure transactions for its global user base. Here is the comprehensive list of countries where creators can sign up and start earning through

List of Supported Countries

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Canada
  6. Croatia
  7. Cyprus
  8. Czech Republic
  9. Denmark
  10. Estonia
  11. Finland
  12. France
  13. Germany
  14. Gibraltar
  15. Greece
  16. Hong Kong SAR China
  17. Hungary
  18. Ireland
  19. Italy
  20. Japan
  21. Latvia
  22. Liechtenstein
  23. Lithuania
  24. Luxembourg
  25. Malta
  26. Mexico
  27. Netherlands
  28. New Zealand
  29. Norway
  30. Poland
  31. Portugal
  32. Romania
  33. Singapore
  34. Slovakia
  35. Slovenia
  36. Spain
  37. Sweden
  38. Switzerland
  39. Thailand
  40. United Arab Emirates
  41. United Kingdom
  42. United States*
  • * 1099-K tax compliance to file 1099 tax forms (U.S. only)

Why Choose

1. Lower Fees: offers a competitive fee structure compared to other platforms, allowing creators to retain more of their earnings.

2. No Adult Content: Unlike some alternatives, does not allow adult content. This helps in maintaining a professional environment and avoids the negative stigma that can be associated with platforms allowing adult content.

3. Enhanced Discoverability: Being a new platform, isn’t yet inundated with users. This makes it easier for creators to be suggested and discovered, potentially increasing their audience and earnings faster.

4. Robust Monetization Tools: provides various monetization options including subscriptions, donations, and tiered memberships. This flexibility allows creators to choose how they want to earn from their content.

5. Secure Payments: With Stripe handling the payment processing, creators can be assured of secure and reliable transactions.

6. Global Reach: Support for 42 countries means that is truly a global platform, allowing creators to connect with a worldwide audience and monetize their content effectively.

7. Creator Support: is dedicated to supporting its creators with resources, tools, and community features to help them succeed.

To wrap up

For content creators looking to monetize their work, offers an excellent alternative with numerous benefits. Whether you are in the United States, Japan, Germany, or any of the other supported countries, is ready to help you turn your passion into profit. Join today and start your journey to becoming a successful content creator.